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Table Food and Pets

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Here is a video that for a change talks about pet health and pet food rather than human health and human food! In the age that we live in along with the bulk of processed food and health that we buy and eat/drink and even make our pets partake processed food from a can or a bag, how much is really necessary and even more importantly beneficial?

Dr. Karen Becker (pet nutritionist and veterinarian) asks you to throw away the concept of dog and cat food for 5 minutes and think of the concept of food for dogs and cats that does not come out of a can or a bag and is actually prepared and cooked for them by us as we cook for ourselves.

• Canned and processed animal feed are nothing but biologically appropriate blended food material that contain all the necessary vitamins, proteins, fatty acids etcetera that meet the needs and requirements of the animal.

So would you feed your pet just that for the rest of his/her life? Think now, whether you would be able to or willing to live or processed nutrition for the rest of your life. Would you feed your children food and health drinks that meet their every physical need for the rest of their life, because they certainly do not require anything extra?

Hopefully your response would be in negative. Why then would you (because some people actually do) then even consider doing the same thing to your pet, an animal dependent on you for food and his/her well being. Why would you feed her a little brown dry meatball for the rest of his/her life?

The sad thing is that some veterinarians actually recommend pet owners to never give anything other than canned food that is
• over processed
• inorganic
• & dry as it may be hazardous to your pet’s health!

How can an animal thrive and be happy and healthy when you are giving him food out of a can that is preserved and not fresh or natural and provides the raw materials for survival only? They have a living food requirement just as we have living food requirement for optimum growth. It is just common sense. This living food can obviously be paired with processed nutrition.

Some of these perspectives of veterinarians are built by the dog and cat food manufacturing companies that provide information and samples to them as they graduate from the veterinary college.

• The human foods that should not be fed to dogs and cats are grapes, raisins and onions as they cannot metabolize them well.
• The foods that should be given are thawed frozen peas or fresh peas, frozen blueberries or raw blueberries (in summer) as berries are very good for their health.
• For cats it can be thin slices of zucchinis and meat.
• Raw almonds, walnuts work well for both cats and dogs.
• Dark green leafy vegetables like romaine can be offered with a meaty dressing on them (broth, stock with pieces of cooked meat/liver).
• Eliminate the carbohydrate rich foods (corn, wheat and rice) and you are on your way to maintaining a healthy and happy pet!

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Pet Foods
Here comes the video for a change, and to add wealth of good to your pets. Video shows how a well processed, labeled healthy pet foods are actually harmful to our pets, rather than doing good. Canned and processed animal food is artificial blend of vitamins, and fruit syrups which does no good to keep them healthy. Take a look for detailed version.

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