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How to Balance the Sour Taste of Tomato Preparations

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Tip to Preserve Tomatoes
No one likes sour tomatoes and you can always keep them sweet. Get this tomato tip now.

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If you grow or buy Heirloom tomatoes like Brandywine, Cherokee Puple, Paul Robeson, Aunt Gertis Gold or any of the thousands available heirloom tomatoes they will have a perfect sweet-sour-acid balance. If tomatoes are sour most likely they were pcked too early and shipped to a store before te sugars developed or Brix reading. BTW NEVER lace tomatoe in the frig as it reak down their nature sugar and sour acidic taste --- blah tomatoes often with a cardboard texture.
How To Balance The Sour Taste Of Tomato Preparations Video, Tip To Preserve Tomatoes