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National Blonde Brownie Day Is Here

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Blonde Brownies 1

January 22 is National Blonde Brownie Day. This is one brownie, which is not actually brown, but blonde, or pale in color because instead of the dark brown chocolate, you use light brown sugar to make these. If you not familiar with these blonde beauties, then we've got some recipes to help get you started:

Blonde Brownies 2

Blonde Brownies

This is the classic recipe for making blonde brownies. Add walnuts, raisins, or chocolate chips to add more texture to this otherwise straightforward and simple recipe. 

Blonde Brownies 3

Peanut Blonde Brownies

Light brown sugar, crushed salted peanuts, butter or light margarine, flour, sugar come together to make some delicious blonde brownies. Bake them a day or two in advance and host a children’s party on this day.

Blonde Brownies 4

Gluten-Free Blonde Brownies

For those who are gluten-intolerant, this recipe is perfect for you. It uses soy flour, potato starch and corn starch, instead of wheat or all-purpose flour. It is easy to make and equally tasty. 

Blonde Brownies 5

Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownies

Just because it is Blonde Brownie Day doesn’t mean you should give up chocolate in these recipes. You can make your blonde brownies with chocolate chips and still be celebrating this holiday!

Blonde Brownies 6

Cream Cheese Blonde Brownies

Another delicious way to make these light-colored brownies is to use cream cheese as one of the ingredients. This adds more flavor and a creamy rich texture that makes these brownies extra-moist. 

Blonde Brownies 7

Peanut Butter Blonde Brownies

These nutty blonde brownies will be a perfect accompaniment to your coffee or tea in the morning or as a mid-afternoon snack. With the addition of peanut butter, these brownies end up being softer and more chewy than regular brownies.



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National Blonde Brownie Day Is Here