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The Agave Test

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As you know, there's plenty of back and forth about Agave syrup over the last year or so...In this episode, I propose a simple test called "The Agave Test" to see how agave really effects you and your body. Go ahead and check it out to see if you should be eating agave regularly...

Agave nectar is an ingredient that is used by raw food community and vegans and health watchers to replace sugar. But have you ever given a thought to how good is agave nectar for our body. Every person reacts differently to each food item. Many people feel jittery after eating anything made of agave nectar due to sudden influx of sugar in blood. In this video Kevin and Annmarie are discussing about agave nectar and its effects in the body. Watch it and take your ow decision on how much of agave nectar should you use...

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The Agave Test Video