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Morel Mushrooms - Tips & Info

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This episode is a chronicle of this year's morel season and includes tips for finding, identifying, transporting, preserving and eating morels. In this video, I try to answer many of the basic questions that I often read on the morel forums. I realize and respect that there are many strong opinions on even the most basic questions regarding morels, but this is how I do it. We are just scratching the surface on information, so feel free to ask questions. In this video, I show the difference between a half-free morel and a poisonous 'false morel' because people often ask the question on the forums. However, many people including myself, choose not to pick the half-free morels at all because the two look very similar and also because the mushroom is so much smaller.

Dan loves morel mushrooms. He considers them the tastiest things he has had in the whole world. These are seasonal and the season lasts only for some time. They grow in the jungle and are hard to find, so it is kind of a treasure hunt. Did you know that morels are usually called by their color like the blacks, whites, yellows, etc. In this video Dan explains to us how to recognize the good morels from the poisonous ones. He also tells us how to pack and store these mushrooms. Check it out!

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Morel Mushrooms - Tips & Info Video