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Endive Extravaganza - Hundreds of Combinations

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A healthy, fresh way to create flavorful funktified food that fits into any healthy lifestyle. Dan will demonstrate several potential combinations, but this isn't just one recipe, its one idea with virtually limitless combinations! This dish fits easily into any healthy, weight-loss or training diet and features vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free options. Dan developed this idea for Jackie Monroe to bring exciting, healthy options to the diet given to her by her trainer.

Dan's special guest Jackie is on a very strict diet as suggested by her dietitian. She is preparing for a triathlon. Dan tries to make healthy food interesting by showing different ways to present the food using various healthy dressings, sauces, vegetables and meat. In this video Dan is concentrating on Endives and demonstrating several delicious and healthy combinations in which these can be prepared. Select your favorite and experiment with different flavors in a healthy way.

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Endive Extravaganza - Hundreds Of Combinations Video