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Storing and Using Haloumi

Haloumi is a white cheese with a slightly rubbery, fibrous texture. Its wonderful flavours are only truly realised when it's heated. Fried or grilled, it's one of the few cheeses that holds its shape when cooked.The mild flavour of haloumi is often enhanced with herbs, usually mint and like Feta, it's a fairly salty cheese because it's stored in brine. Use haloumi within 2 weeks of purchase and keep it well covered in brine to stop it from dry out. Haloumi has unique frying qualities. When fried over a high heat the outer skin becomes crisp while the inside melts like Mozzarella. For a taste of Greece, serve haloumi immediately after pan-frying with a squeeze of lemon juice accompanied with pita bread, slow roasted vegetables and salad greens.

Do you know, Haloumi is one of the few cheeses that hold its shape when cooked? Haloumi is a white chewy cheese with a fibrous texture. Its flavors are enhanced when heated. It can be fried or grilled.In fact, frying it gives it a crispy crust and a gooey interior. Haloumi is salty as it is stored in brine and like feta, it is a versatile ingredient in savory dishes. Watch the video to know more about Haloumi.

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Storing And Using Haloumi Video