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Using Passionfruit

Passionfruit pulp is sweet and juicy, slightly tart and refreshing. And while it can be enjoyed just as it is there are many other uses for this fragrant fruit.

Passionfruit is tastiest when it is quite ripe; dimpled skin indicates that the fruit is ready for consumption. Its delicious fresh is scooped out with a spoon and is extremely fragrant. Passionfruit makes an excellent flavouring in a number of dishes, even when used in small quantities. Add it to summer punches and cocktails, as well as fruit salads, custards, crepes, yogurt, ice creams, sorbets, cakes and puddings. To use, the pulp should be strained to remove the seeds.

Now passionfruit is not your everyday fruit. Looking for ways to use this exotic fruit? Watch the video to get to know in details how to get your way around this fruit. Undoubtedly, it is a beautiful and delicious addition to your fruit basket.

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Using Passionfruit Video