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Tips to Enjoy Yakiniku Indoors (Japanese Grilled Meat / BBQ)

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In this video, I will show you how to enjoy Yakiniku indoors.

Last week, I won a package of beef at the recipe contest. And along with the beef, I received a letter with some tips to enjoy Yakiniku indoors and I never knew them! So, I will share those tips with you!!!

Yakiniku is mostly beef but you can make it with chicken or pork or meat of your choice.

Get an insight into Japanese BBQ or Yakiniku in this video with the host. Done indoors, this supreme quality perfectly pan grilled meat is made all the more scrumptious with some amazing sauces to complement it with. A perfect way to get your guests started, this Japanese version of BBQ is definitely worth a try. Watch the video to get the idea.

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Tips To Enjoy Yakiniku Indoors (Japanese Grilled Meat / BBQ)