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Olive Varieties | Flavor Profiles of 4 Types of Olives

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Next Anthony shows us four different types of olives, with flavors from mellow to intense. The green Bella Di Cerignola olive from Puglia is a good olive for those new to olive-tasting, while the Sicilian-cured Sevillano olive is grown in California and is ideal as a stuffed olive. The Calamata olive is the King of Table Olives and pairs well with feta or tomatoes. Finally, the Oil-Cured Olive is first cured in salt, then packed in oil. It is chewy, assertive and delicious on focaccia!

Did you know that there are many types of olives, with mild to intense flavors? This informative video briefs about green Bella Di Cerignola olives from Puglia, Sicilian-cured Sevillano olives from California, Calamata olives and Oil-Cured Olives. Anthony also gives a good idea about how these olives can be used. So check out this video and elegantly enjoy your olives in a thoughtful manner.

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Olive Varieties | Flavor Profiles Of 4 Types Of Olives Video