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How To Identify Halal Meat

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Meat The Islamic dietary law has certain guidelines that provide information to Muslims on which foods are acceptable and which are not. To identify whether meat is halal ( permissable) or not, is important in order to abide by the given set of laws. The term halal meat refers to animal products that meet all requirements and are allowed for consumption by Muslims. Halal meat is available all over the world keeping this in mind. This blog helps to decode and understand what halal meat is all about.



What Is Halal Meat? 


The meat that is permissible for intake by Islamic laws is halal meat. Eating meat that is prohibited is considered to be haram ( sinful). 



  • Beef, lamb and poultry are all allowed meats as long as they have been slaughtered in a specific manner.



  • Fish and all seafood are also considered halal.



  • Pork and all its products like sausage, marshmallow, gelatin are not allowed. This is because pork is known to be the carrier of dangerous parasites like tapeworm and the trichina. It is considered to be an unclean meat under the Islamic dietary law.



Dhabihah- The Process Of Slaughter


The above mentioned meats are halal or permissible only if slaughtered by following the Dhabihah method which is explained below.


Halal Meat

  • The jugular veins and the carotid arteries of the animal are cut with a quick move of the hands and a deep cut is made on the neck. The spinal cord is left uncut in this method. Due to this the heart of the animal is still pumping and all the blood is drained out. This is important as according to the Islamic law, blood of any animal should not be consumed.


  • Muslims can eat the animal only if it has been slaughtered after reciting a prayer in the name of God, and its head is placed in the direction of the Mecca.( The birth place of Prophet Mohammad). 



  • It is also believed that since all the microbes and toxins are carried out along with the blood, halal meat is more hygienic and clean.


  • Also, the animal struggles less and does not feel much pain, This results in better quality of meat. This is because when lower levels of trauma are experienced,  lesser is the formation of glycogen in the muscles. This makes the meat very soft.


Juicy halal meat

  • Halal meat is mostly light in color as there are no blood pigments present to give a dark appearance. This is a helpful way of figuring out if the right method of slaughter has been used.


  • Halal meat is free from blood clots, which are very common in meats that have been slaughtered by other methods. This makes the meat less chewy and very tender.


  • Juicy and tasty meats normally have a pH that is between the range of 5-7. The more the struggle of the animal, the higher will be the pH, resulting in a product of inferior quality. Halal meat is of better quality as the pH is on the lower side.



Tips While Buying Or Eating Meat Outside


Halal Symbol

  • For shoppers, the most useful guide is the halal Symbol or logo that certifies that the meat has been processed by strictly following all the Islamic dietary laws. This can be seen on all packeged meats and their products.


  • If buying directly from a butcher, it is best to identify those authorized to supply only halal meat. This can be done by verifying with them in person or following the listings on the internet or local newspapers.


Halal Meat

  • Reading food labels of processed and ready to eat meat products will help to identify exactly what ingredients are part of the food, so as to prevent any accidental intake of haraam foods.


  • Gelatin which is a by- product of pork meat is to be avoided and many varieties of halal gelatin can be purchased.



Halal meat is easy to choose and identify by following the above steps. For consumers, self awareness and education is very important and reading labels of food packages is the first step in this direction.  



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How To Identify Halal Meat