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Food: What Does The Future Hold?

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Future of Food

Food, the most basic amenity might soon turn into a rarity predict the scientists i.e. if we fail to recognize the gravity of the situation and take no heed of the telltale symptoms that are occurring almost everywhere in the world.


Is There A Solution?

However, all is not lost as George Alagiah discovers while traversing the globe. There are numerous concerned people, striving to find a solution to this frightening fact. On one hand, there are these two women in Yorkshire who keep struggling to help their market become self sufficient so that the local residents will lack nothing in their quest for food while on the other hand, there is this erudite academic who argues that importing lamb from new Zealand is the only way out for saving the environment.


How Bad Is The Present Situation

The food inflation  as well as the recent occurrences of food riots are chilling reminders of what our future could hold. George gets a chance to be up close and personal with a Massai Chief who is a victim of the rapid climate change  as are we all, inhabitants of the so called civilized cities. Adjustment is the name of the game Alagiah finds out as he watches a Cuban family eat. The lush fields that swayed with ripening grains in India seems to be folklore now and George is particularly saddened to see the Indian farmers struggle to water their fields in a land well known for its copious rainfall.


The spiraling graph of obesity across all countries prophesize the doom. But is the situation really so grim? Check out the video below and decide for yourself!


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Food: What Does The Future Hold?