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Top 10 Sustainable Turkey Varieties

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TurkeysAre you aware of how your Thanksgiving turkey is raised and bred? There are high chances that it is being done in a sustainable manner which is becoming an important movement today. A sustainable variety of turkey is one that is raised on the outdoors and allowed to roam and forage freely and naturally. The meat is chemical and residue free as the diet is completely organic and devoid of antibiotics and feed additives. Special emphasis is on heritage breeds that are the old varieties of turkey which have not been cross bred and have their original genes intact. The continuation of such species is important as it adds to the genetic diversity that is seen on our planet. 10 such sustainable varieties that you can choose from are described below.


Eco Friendly Turkey Varieties


1. Midget White


The meat and the egg quality of this bird is exceptional and so is the taste and flavor. It is naturally bred by independent farms and care is taken to see that the feed is organic and does not have any harmful residues. The protein content is high making the meat very nutritious.


2. Beltsville Small White

Wild Turkey

The eggs are more valued than the meat as these birds are good layers when compared to all other turkey breeds. The meat is completely organic although the taste is a little bland. They are a rare breed and this makes them very sustainable.


3. White Holland

White Holland

It is one of the oldest breeds of turkey that is present. The yield from this bird is large although it can suffice on a meager diet. It forages naturally which is very advantageous. The meat is low in fat which makes it very good for health.


4. Royal Palm

Royal Palm

The meat is much in demand because of its rich flavor and taste. They are raised on the outdoors and fed on fresh grass, instead of grains like the factory farmed ones. This natural diet ensures that the meat has a very high nutrient density.


5. Bourbon Red

Bourbon Red

All efforts are being taken to increase the production of this heritage breed whose numbers fell sharply in the past. It is important to as it adds to the biodiversity in our planet due to the special and unique set of genes that it has. The meat has a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals.


6. Standard Bronze

Standard Bronze

This turkey dates back to more than two centuries ago making it very vital that this species is preserved. Buy only the birds which are animal welfare approved as it ensures the health as well as hygiene living conditions of the bird. This type of meat is recommended as it is free of growth hormones and does not have dangerous side effects on health.


7. Black


They are a naturally healthy breed which had made them much in demand. They are survivors and extremely disease resistant. The meat has a unique and superior flavor that makes this turkey very popular. The turkey broth health benefits is that it is antibiotic free and high in vitamins. 


8. Jersey Buff

Jersey Buff

It is considered a historic variety as it is more than 200 years old. The genes make it gain weight and mature faster than other varieties. The meat has a high quality protein due to the grass fed diet that this bird is provided with. To increase the numbers, its breeding is on the rise on small farms.


9. Narragansett



It has the best biological fitness levels that makes it highly adaptable and thus very sustainable. They have a natural diet of insects and grass unlike the factory farmed ones that are given grains and additives. This makes the meat more succulent and you can enjoy healthy turkey meals


10. Slate


These turkeys are raised in natural surroundings so that they can exhibit normal behavior and grow well. They have a specific set of genes which is very important to preserve. This bird is low in fat and the iron content is high which reflects its excellent diet.


Sustainable turkeys cost more than the regular varieties, but once you taste them you will be convinced to buy again. A high demand will result in more breeding by local farmers which can save the birds from extinction. It is a small step towards a greener planet and better heath.


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Top 10 Sustainable Turkey Varieties