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Top 10 Sustainable Poultry Varieties

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PoultryGeese, chicken, turkey and duck are valued for their meat as well as their eggs. There have been increased efforts to raise poultry in a sustainable manner so that they have low levels of antibiotics, pathogenic bacteria, growth hormones and drug residues such as arsenic. Such  practices support economic growth of the farmers and are important for their livelihood. It is even more important for the health of the consumers who are guaranteed a safe and nutritious produce. The planet is also benefited because green farming methods reduce the carbon footprint and do not cause damage to our delicate environment by polluting our natural resources. The top 10 sustainable poultry varieties are explored in the blog below.



Eco Friendly Poultry Varieties


1. Broadbreasted White Turkey

Broadbreasted Turkey

This is an ancient breed that has its original set of genes intact. With this comes characteristics like resistance to common diseases and the ability to forage naturally. The health benefits of turkey is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals that the factory farmed varieties do not have.


2. Beltsville Small White Turkey

Small white

There have been great efforts to revive this heritage species whose meat is tender and juicy. To get such results, this turkey is bred in a small scale by independent farmers. The protein content of the meat is very high making it very good for health.


3.  Toulouse Goose

Toulose goose

This is a very sustainable breed as it is raised on small farms and grazes on open pastures. There are strict laws that ensure that no growth hormones are given to the bird. The end product is rich in vitamin A which helps to increase immunity and maintain good health.


4. American Buff Goose

American buff

This is a highly endangered species and buying the bird is the only way to keep the farmer in business so that the numbers of this goose do not decline. This makes it a truly sustainable poultry and additionally the meat is free of chemical residues as the diet is all natural.


5. Pilgrim Goose


This also falls into the endangered category as its numbers are very low. This species is very important as it adds to the great genetic diversity that is already existing and such species should not be allowed to get extinct. It has special genes that makes it well adapted to its natural environment.


6. Aylesbury Duck


It is a heritage variety of duck that can be easily bred on small farms or even backyards. The eggs that they lay have a higher fat and calorie content than those of other species. They can feed on their own and do not need a special diet.


7. The Crested Duck

The crested

A good duck to buy as it not only eats all the pests in your garden, it is also an extremely rare variety that needs to be bred in larger numbers than before to ensure a healthy population. The meat as well as the eggs are very nutrient rich and make a good addition to the diet.


8. Ancona Chicken


This is a very hardy bird that can tolerate even the harshest of winters. The eggs that are obtained from it are large and a very limited diet is sufficient to give good results. It is an old breed that has unique genes and adds to the variety on our planet.


9. New Hampshire Chicken

New Hampshire

It is considered to be the best dual purpose breed of poultry ever. It gains weight rapidly and lays a large number of eggs. The meat is extremely rich in protein and has a lovely flavor because of the natural diet that it is fed.


10. Mottled Houdan Chicken

Mottled Houdan

It is extremely disease resistant which makes it important for sustainable farming. It matures and grows fast and is valued for its egg as well as its meat. Chemical residues are a minimum due to strict organic practices in small farms. Go lean with proteins obtained from this sustainable breed. 


Breeding and eating sustainable poultry and its products is the best way to support these breeds and ensure that our future generations can also benefit from them. Sustainability is the way to better health and a greener earth.


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Top 10 Sustainable Poultry Varieties