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Pamper Your Sweet Cravings On National Fudge Day

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561771-national-fudge-day-celebrations.jpgsaxeixf7zt4-4b4wyraf12yz6bwved0cakq8wc4gausgafqjcneoxazwynbodqvfufw884np8t8ffqHave a sweet tooth or need just another good reason to indulge in those soft marshmallows and peanut butter cookies? Well then, National Fudge Day, celebrated on June 16th is just for you! Enjoy the day with homemade delicious fudges or just visit your favorite hang-out and check the different varieties available and have fun on this special day, dedicated to all the Fudge lovers.


Interesting Facts:


History of the day!

The concept is known to originate way back in the 17th century but hold on! There were no chocolate fudges at that time. A special candy known as the Scottish tablet was exclusively enjoyed on this day which used to be completely chocolate –less!


Then what about chocolate fudges?

Just as it happened in many culinary creations fudges too came by accident. If we believe the popular American legend it is known that the first fudges happened because of some botched batches of caramel. This fudge is known from the later part of 19th century and is still highly popular.


Why is the day celebrated?

Just to pamper yourself! Isn’t that not a reason enough to enjoy the day?

Fudge eating - pamper your kids on the day

Thinking about Nutrition –

Fudges have low levels of cholesterol and are low in sodium too. However, these are rich in sugar and transfat. If that is holding you back – just have a single piece of the soft fudge instead of skipping the entire celebration. That’s surely going to make you feel better.


How to celebrate:

Ah! You do not have to spend a fortune or do plenty of cooking to celebrate this day! If time is a constraint and you cannot prepare it at home, just walk into your local candy store and if you are lucky to have a fudge store nearby nothing can be better. Many delicious flavors are available on this special day and you can have as many as you desire – after all, it’s the day for your delicious fudge! If you do not wish to go out then prepare your favorite flavors at home – all you need is some patience and plenty of nuts, peanut butter, chocolates and marshmallows. Plan fudge parties at home and ask your friends to bring in their favorite fudges – play some great music, have plenty of beverages, cold milkshakes, chocolates and nuts to enjoy with the fudges.


                                         Check out the video and prepare the fudge at home:


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So, keep aside all thoughts about diet and calories (if you are not too much medically restricted) on this day because you won’t get all such varieties throughout the year.

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