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Top 10 Sustainable Chicken Varieties.

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Chicken varietiesProtein rich chicken is a staple in the diets of many Americans and its production is very high, exceeding that of beef and lamb. There has been increased awareness of the importance of growing sustainable chicken varieties that take into account the health of the bird as well as that of the consumer. From the food safety point of view too chicken that has been grown in such a manner has low residues of antibiotics, pesticides, additives and is also free of disease causing pathogens. Doing our bit for the environment like reducing the emission of green house gases in farms and breeding areas is also important. The top 10 chicken varieties that are produced by adopting these green practices are discussed in the blog below.



Eco Friendly Chicken Varieties


1. Cornish


They are bred on farms with adequate space and good and hygienic living conditions that ensure a high quality end product. The feed is free from harmful additives which makes this chicken good for health too. The meat is protein rich and low in fat.


2. Dark Brahma

Dark Brahma

This is an easy to manage bird that can forage on its own which makes it very low maintenance. It is being grown on farms that have ample space and sunlight instead of cramped and dingy cages. The chicken obtained is high in natural vitamins and minerals.


3. Buckeye Rooster

Buckeye rooster

It is a sturdy breed that can grow well in cold climates and does not need any temperature modified conditions. It is helpful for the environment and also saves resources of the farmer. The produce is free of drug and pesticide residues.


4. Catalona


This is an environmentally friendly breed because it is grown in natural surroundings and the feed that it receives is strictly organic. This increases the natural antibody stores in the bird and the same benefit is passed to us when we consume the meat.


5. Old English Game

Old English Game

It grows well even on a poor diet and the meat yield is also better than other breeds. This ensures that the natural resources of the planet are not destroyed, making the old English game one of the most sustainable breeds to grow and eat.


6. Hamburg


It lives in cage free conditions and is reared by independent farmers that ensures a high quality of the breed and disease and a pest free end product. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that are heart healthy and can be eaten frequently when compared to red meat.


7. Minorca


This is a breed of Spanish origin that is a very sustainable option as it can grow well with minimal human effort and time. It is a disease resistant breed that is not affected by common illness and infections. The meat is very nutrient rich and highly recommended to increase natural immunity and well being.


8. New Hampshire

New Hampshire

It is a dual purpose breed that is good for commercial purposes. It is hardy and forages naturally. The yield of the meat is also very good and when grown organically it is low in toxic residues and high in healthy vitamins and minerals. It is a must on your chicken menu. 


9. Malay


It is an ancient breed that has intact genes which makes it sustainable as it is naturally disease resistant . It is tolerant to heat and can grow well in the tropics. It produces a large amount of meat even when the feed is meager.


10. Pearl leghorn

Pearl Leghorn

This is cited as one of the most disease resistant breeds used for chicken production. This means that its production will not involve the use of chemicals that can harm man. The protein content is quite high making it healthy as well.


Support and choose sustainable chickens as this helps our earth and at the same time keeps maintains our health. While buying organically grown varieties, look for the labels that show government certification and approval. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Chicken Varieties.