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Top 10 Sustainable Fruits

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LycheeFruits that can be grown easily and do not need much human effort or pesticide and insecticide sprays are termed sustainable. Growing such fruits also helps the local farmers improve their economy so that they are able to sustain themselves and their families. These breeds of fruits also do not require much water and are able to grow well in dry and hot areas. Modern farming practices are helpful as they support sustainability through new research that provides important know how to farmers. This equips them with all the information that they need to grow such varietes of fruits. Organically grown produce is better for our health in the same way that it is better for our planet. 10 such fruits that top the list in sustainable farming are described below.



Eco Friendly Fruit Varieties


1. Banana


They are now being grown by small independent farmers without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Banana grown in such a manner is better for health as it is high in minerals like potassium while being low in toxic residues.


2. Pineapple


This delightful tropical fruit can be cultivated by completely avoiding the use of artificial fertilizers before and after sowing. This gives good quality produce which is safe for our health and it also does not release harmful effluents that pollute our water bodies.


3. Black Currant

Black currants

Not only is this fruit rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is relatively resistant to pests and insects and can be grown by following 100 % organic methods. This makes it healthy and sustainable in the long run.


4. American Elderberry


It has many health benefits and is used to treat cold and flu. It grows without much human intervention and does not require any special feed to grow well. The harvest time is also less and the yield is high.


5. Russian Quince


This plant adapts well to various weather and soil conditions and the fruits are firm and not prone to bruising. It is pest resistant and a good contender for organic and sustainable farming. The nutrient index is quite high making it very healthy too.


6. Gooseberries

red gooseberries

The benefits of gooseberry is that it is an excellent source of vitamin C and at the same time a highly adaptive species. There are occasional problems with leaf spot and blister rust which can be overcome with better and regular monitoring. Good results are seen when gooseberries are grown organically.


7. Juneberry


Also known as saskatoon, these fruits are high in protein and fiber making them important for good health and well being. They are sturdy and resistant to common pests and insects which eliminates the need for chemicals and is a big step towards a greener planet. Organic foods minimise allergy attacks and can be given to sensitive individuals too. 


8. Aronia


It has been called the healthiest fruit in the world because of its high antioxidant content. The great thing is that is very easy to grow and highly pest and insect resistant. The berries are large and have a long harvest season.


9. Sea Buckthorn


A highly tolerant plant that can thrive in very dry conditions and poor soil quality is being cultivated  commercially by following strict organic methods. It is rich in fiber and vitamins which makes it an important part of the diet.


10. Guava


This tropical fruit which is rich in disease fighting antioxidants is being grown successfully in colder temperatures. It does not have any major pest issues and does not need a lot of water either.


Take the first step towards sustainability by buying the above listed fruits. Not only do they provide the body with essential nutrients, they also help mother nature remain green by conserving precious resources. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Fruits