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Top 10 Sustainable Wheat Varieties

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Wheat and its productsThe third most consumed cereal all over the world, after maize and rice is wheat. This naturally increases the need for developing more sustainable varieties of wheat that can feed our growing population without stressing our planet's finite resources. Sustainable wheat means that lesser amount of fertilizers and pesticides are used for cultivation and the developed breeds are sturdy and drought resistant. Such agricultural methods are good for our health as organic farming makes the wheat we consume high in nutrients and low in toxic contaminants. The top 10 such wheat varieties that can pave way for a greener planet are listed below.






Eco Friendly Wheat Options


1. Emmer


The importance of this wheat is slowly increasing as many sustainable practices are being followed to grow this variety. It has all original genes intact and is untouched by any genetic modification. It is great for health due to low pesticide residues and is an important part of a high carb diet menu. 


2. Pacific Bluestem


It is very popular due to its nutty flavor. It is highly disease resistant and can do without pesticide sprays. It has a high protein content which makes it very nutritious.


3. Hard White

Hard white

This is a very sustainable option as it grows well in dry and arid climates. It is used to make breads and is valued for the high quality of protein that is contains.


4. Russian Beardless 

Russian Beardless

This is a sturdy breed and is considered as the wheat of the future. It is very resistant to insects that makes it earth friendly since no chemicals are used during cultivation. It has good amounts of carbohydrates and proteins that are essential for a well balanced diet.


5. Durum


Modern farming practices have made this commonly grown wheat more sustainable as it is now disease resistant and needs lesser water than older varieties. Also, it is rich in lutein, an antioxidant that has many important health functions.


6. Kamut


It has large grains and is drought resistant when compared to other varieties. It has a high fiber content that makes it much sought after.


7. Hard Red Winter

hard red winter

It is a good choice as it grows well in colder climates and its protein content is vey high. It is commonly used to make bread and biscuits and does not contain methyl parathion which is one of the important side effects of wheat that is grown with the help of pesticides. 


8. Japhet


It is also known as red marvel and its production dates back to more than a century ago. It is naturally resistant to pests and insects and is being grown organically. It is rich in iron which is a very important mineral for people of all ages.


9. Einkorn


This is one of the oldest varieties of wheat that is now being grown in an organic and sustainable manner, making it better for our planet. According to research, this wheat has a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals compared to others.


10. Mirabella


It is an ancient Italian breed that has retained all its original genes making it nutritionally superior. It is grown organically and is certified by governing bodies.


Sustainability is the way to a greener future and better human health. Buy sustainable wheat and do your bit for the planet. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Wheat Varieties