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Top 10 Sustainable Shrimps

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ShrimpThe Atlantic and Pacific Oceans harbor the majority of the world's shrimp population. To meet the huge demand of shrimps, it is necessary to take steps for the  production of sustainable varieties so that the stress on the natural sources decrease. This enables them to maintain a healthy population by reproducing in natural surroundings that plays a vital role in the natural ecosystem. Sustainability is top priority as shrimps have an important role in the food chain which needs to be maintained to keep the marine environment healthy and green. Steps are being taken in this direction by governing bodies who have developed fishing methods that uphold biodiversity of all species and maintain quality of the produce at the same time so that human health is not compromised. The top 10 shrimp varieties that are sustainable in the long term are explored below.


Eco Friendly Shrimp Varieties


1. Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp

It is called so due to the loud noise that the claws produce. It has a good thriving number that makes it a sustainable option when compared to other species. They are rich in iodine which is a mineral needed for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.


2. Pink Shrimp

pink shrimp

It is also a good variety to buy as it is caught wild in areas where there is a good population. The waters in such locations are monitored which ensure that they are free of toxic residues which can impact human health.


3. Bay Shrimp

Bay shrimp

It is found in plenty off the Atlantic coast and hence does not put pressure on other dwindling populations. The health benefits of shrimp is due to its high protein content and making it recommended as part of a healthy diet.


4. Rock Shrimp

Rock shrimp

They are widely available in the US and are important as they are caught wild. They presently have good numbers and very low levels of mercury and other toxins. They contain high amount of iron and iodine.


5. Brown Shrimp

Brown shrimp

They have a much loved delicate flavor and can be incorporated into many recipes. High yields of this shrimp are common in the South Atlantic region where they are found in abundance. Protein content is high making it important in a well balanced diet.


6. White Shrimp

White shrimp

It is a good and ecological choice as it is being farmed in large indoor tanks. This arrangement does not harm the environment in any way which makes it a good alternative. It is rich in vitamin A and D.


7. Royal Red Shrimp

Red shrimp

Not only is it healthy because of its low fat content, it is also being farmed sustainably in inland ponds that are supervised and certified. Such breeding methods ensure that the produce is guaranteed organic and safe for health.


8. Spot shrimp

Spot shrimp

Earlier mangrove forests were being chopped to breed these shrimps in shallow waters, but is now being done in a sustainable manner. The cholesterol content is low making them ideal as part of a low fat diet. 


9. Maine


These are caught wild from waters that have a thriving population which makes them very sustainable. They are a good replacement for fatty meats as their calorie content is quite low.


10. Indian White Shrimp

Indian White shrimp

Modern practices of aquaculture keep in mind environmental concerns while maintaining high quality of the produce. These shrimps have a sweet taste and are low in fat and high in protein. 


Choose sustainable shrimp for a greener planet and better health. They may cost a little more, but are surely worth the price and effort that is taken to make them environment friendly. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Shrimps