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Top 10 Sustainable Salmon Varieties

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SalmonIf you want to know about the environment friendly varieties of salmon you can choose from, this blog will answer your question. Sustainable options are important to know as overfishing has pushed the wild salmon to the brink of extinction. To enjoy eating this healthy fish without depleting all its natural resources, it is being bred in sustainable conditions in larger numbers than ever before. The main reason for the high demand of this fish is that it is rich in oils that contain omega 3 fatty acids, an invaluable nutrient for human health. The main principle of sustainable fishing is that it allows the numbers in the wild to grow and flourish which is needed to maintain a natural ecosystem. This also ensures that the produce is free of antibiotics and harmful chemicals like mercury. The top 10 varieties of salmon that you can choose from are given below.



Eco Friendly Salmon Varieties


1. King Salmon

King Salmon

Smoked and fresh varieties are easily available. It is good for health as it is free of contaminants like mercury. It is available in plenty and does not stress other endangered salmon species. 


2. Red Salmon

Red salmon

It has a high demand because of its delightful flavor. It is an Alaskan variety of salmon that is thriving well in clean and pristine waters. It is a good source of vitamin A and D.


3. Coho Salmon

Coho salmon

This salmon forms a bulk of the varieties that are available commercially. This is a good sustainable choice as its fishing is monitored well as per international guidelines. A better option for health as it is free from chemical effluents that are toxic in nature. 


4. Chum Salmon

Chum salmon

It is available fresh and canned from well managed Alaskan waters. It has very low levels of mercury and is rich in good quality protein. It is definitely a green option.


5. Pink Salmon

Pink salmon

It is a fast growing species and is a good fish to meet the demands that are ever growing . It is an Alaskan fish and has a growing population that is not threatened by deforestation or the presence of dams. The flesh has plenty of super healthy omega 3 fats.


6. Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon

This is a wild fish that is the best choice to support sustainability as a fresh catch prevents the use of preservatives in food. It is found in abundance and is naturally rich in protein and healthy fats.


7. Sake Salmon

sake salmon

It is usually produced in closed tanks in the United States so that the wild population is not affected. Look for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification which guarantees that it is 100% organic. Such fish also have a higher nutrient concentration.


8. Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon

It is the largest of the salmon species and is being farmed in tanks by following good environment practices. It also has the highest amount of omega 3  fatty acids in all of the salmon species.


9. Masu Salmon

Masu salmon

It is also called cherry salmon and is found in the Pacific ocean. Buy only the ones that are raised in closed farms and are certified by governing bodies. Regular intake of this salmon for weight loss and to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases is recommended. 


10. Danube Salmon

Danube salmon

As this species is listed under endangered, there are greater efforts to increase its number in the wild. Danube salmon that is sustainably grown in large tanks is available at a few health stores.


Buy sustainable salmon even if they cost a little more than other varieties. Saving this species of fish is the responsibility of governments across the world and us as individuals too. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Salmon Varieties