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Top 10 Sustainable Rice Varieties

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Sustainable riceOne of the most widely consumed cereal grains in the world is rice. Efforts are underway to grow more varieties of rice that are sustainable for our planet and health. The planet is benefited as good agricultural practices can make the rice field an ecosystem of its own. This enables farmers to grow other medicinal plants and sources of food alongside rice. The wetlands that are formed as a result of the water in the field also support a large number of migratory birds and other aquatic animals maintaining the biodiversity that already exists. Also the fact that pesticide and chemical use is discouraged, will ensure that the rice is nourishing in quality and does not become a source of illness or disease. Keeping this in mind, the top 10 varieties of sustainable rice are listed below.


Eco Friendly Rice Varieties


1. Basmati


This is a long grain rice that grows very well organically. The modern varieties are drought resistant as well. It requires lesser water than other breeds and health-wise is a better option for diabetics as it does not raise blood sugar levels rapidly.


2. Joha Rice

Joha Rice

It grows in the plains of Assam in India and is valued for its exceptional taste and aroma. Recently it is being grown organically and this process has been certified by the governing bodies. It has low pesticide residues which makes it sustainable for the environment as well as human health.


3. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice

According to a report, this variety of rice contains the least amount of arsenic which can otherwise damage health severely. It is grown in India and Thailand and supports many migratory birds. This variety is a better option for health as well because of low levels of dangerous chemicals.


4. Brown Rice

Brown rice

This is the most wholesome variety of rice that is present as it is very fibrous and rich in vitamins and minerals. Many organic varieties are being grown lately which ensure that our water bodies are not polluted and stay clean and safe.


5 .Bhutanese Red Rice

Bhutanese Red Rice

This variety is grown in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.  Naturally free of chemicals, it supports good health as it semi milled and has plenty of fiber. It is easily availabe in the United States as it is now being exported. 


6. Arborio


This Italian variety is resistant to drought and can survive on minimum water. Pests also find it hard to grow on arborio rice. Organically grown rice has higher levels of vitamins and minerals and less amount of toxic compounds.


7. Wehani Rice

Wehani rice

It is an aromatic brown rice variety that is not affected by water levels and fungal growth. It is sustainable as it can be grown in dry areas as well. It is safe for health since it is free of chemicals that can otherwise damage vital organs in humans.


8. Calrose Rice

Calrose rice

It is native to California as is grown under strict laws that implement organic farming. A good option for children as well as adults because of the high amounts of B vitamins that it contains. It should be a regular part of your organic menu


9. Red Cargo Rice

red rice

Greatly sustainable for our environment due to green farming practices being followed to grow this rice. Health benefits of rice like this is the high amounts of fiber, iron and calcium that it contains. 


10. Samba Rice

Samba rice

It is mainly grown by following green policies that help sustain our planet. The low chemical residue levels make it safe for regular consumption.


These rice varieties are conductive to the health of farm workers and of those who consume them. They also shelter wild populations of birds and animals. Give sustainability a chance by supporting green farming and buying such products.


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Top 10 Sustainable Rice Varieties