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Top 10 Sustainable Apple Varieties

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AppleApple is a much loved fruit and sustainable agriculture is important to meet the increasing demands. For this very reason, the apple varieties which are most commonly available should be able to sustain our planet and our well being by the use of improved farming practices. This can be done if they are grown without the use of pesticides in the most natural way possible. Green agriculture is the only way of sustaining a safe future for our delicate eco system and the human health. 10 such apple varieties that are grown orginically are listed below.









Eco Friendly Apple Varieties


1. Akane apple


This sweet flavored apple is  naturally disease resistant. It grows well and can withstand diseases such as mildew. The use of pesticides is nil and this makes it a very nourishing fruit.


2. Enterprise Apple


This is a sturdy crop and grows well with the most minimum of labor and effort. It does not need any soil additives or chemicals for maturing. Truly organic and nutrient rich.


3. Florina Apple


This variety develops minimum scab formation which is responsible for the destruction of many apple farms. It has a good flavor and a very crisp flesh.


4. Gold Rush

gold rush

This has a lovely sweet and sour taste which makes it a very popular variety. It ripens well naturally and does not need  chemicals which can contaminate our soil and water bodies.It has moderate amounts of vitamin C needed for good health.


5. Liberty Apple


Very immune to pest and insects, it can mature and give fruit without the use of any dangerous chemicals that can otherwise enter our food chain and accumulate in the body. This ensures that such apples are power packed with nutrients and nothing else.


6. Redfree


Pests like fire blight and cedar apple rust stand no chance against the natural immunity of this apple variety. Such factors make it eco friendly and highly sustainable for the planet.


7. Sweet Sixteen

sweet sixteen

This disease resistant apple has a much loved sweet flavor and is very juicy. To grow this fruit, all good farming practices are followed and strict laws have been enforced which ensure that they are 100 % organic.


8. Wolf River

Green apples

It is a very low maintenance crop and is very resistant to canker which is a common fungus that effects the apple crop. It does not require any pest control practices.


9. Fuji Apples


This can be grown very easily in an organic and sustainable manner. Buy from farms that are certified by government authorities so that the produce you buy is chemical free.


10. Gala Apples


These are the most common organically grown apples in the state of Washington. They are easily available at all local health stores and organic markets.


The goal of sustainable agriculture is to enable the use of little water and no chemicals so that the food consumed is safe. The above listed apple varieties meet these requirements and should be a must on your shopping list. Afterall,  organic food is the answer to all your needs. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Apple Varieties