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Top 10 Sustainable Meats

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Sustainable meatThe impact that the production of meat has on the environment and the planet has prompted the use of top sustainable meats that are safe for us as well as our food chain. Meat consumption has been steadily on the rise all over the world making its demand much more than the supply. This can put much stress on our delicate ecosystem whose protection is our main responsibility. Sustainable meats       are produced in ways that decrease methane production from the animals and  are free of antibiotics and chemicals that can harm our health. Mentioned below in this blog are 10 meat options that one can choose from to support sustainability.


Environment Friendly Meat Options



1. Beef


Factory farming of beef is a normal practice and such cows are fed on food containing additives, grains, chicken litter and even dairy products. This is unnatural and not at all a sustainable practice. Buy only meat of cows that have been grass fed on open pastures as these are better for health.


2. Pork


Pigs that are left to roam free on certified farms and have no antibiotics in their feed result in sustainable end products. Also the health of the animals are assessed on a regular basis and sick animals are kept away from healthy ones.This can also prevent food contamination. 


3. Turkey


No thanksgiving is complete without a classic roast turkey. Do your bit by buying sustainable turkey that has been not been mass produced by commercial breeders. Ask for heritage turkeys that have mated naturally, grown and lived in the outdoors without the use of synthetic drugs and food supplements.


4. Lamb


It is one of the most popular meats due to its robust flavor and taste. They are bred and slaughtered without concern for our health or our planet. Try Ornkey mutton, a special type of sustainable meat that is grown on a diet of sea weeds which is naturally available. It is reared on North Ronaldsay island and only 300 are slaughtered each year for human use. It tastes delicious when slow cooked and does not add to the already present ecological burden.


5. Rabbit


Tender and low in fat, rabbit meat is sustainable as it is from a small animal that forages naturally and does not need too much feed to be ready for consumption. This retains many nutrients in the rabbit meat.


6. Venison


Eating venison meat helps to prevent large populations of deer that can otherwise burden resources in the forests. It is also rich in iron and protein making it suitable for people of all age groups.


7. Duck


They grow well when they are left to forage naturally instead of being fed food that is filled with additives and supplements. Farm bred ducks are the best to buy as they are given natural feeds which makes the meat more nutritious. 


8. Chicken


This white meat is widely recommended for its low fat and cholesterol content. Sadly to increase production it is also pumped with chemicals and special feeds to boost growth. Choose petaluma chickens that are farm bred with all ecological concerns in mind. 


9. Ostrich


This large bird is considered to be a green meat due to its sustainable characteristics. It is fed on alfalfa which needs very little water for growth, making ostrich meat highly nutritious and eco friendly. 


10. Emu


Farm bred emus are given natural feeds that are devoid of pesticides and additives which can endanger the food chain. This also ensures that the meat contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Choose such meats not only for good health but also for greater sustainability.


Choosing and encouraging sustainable meat is a smart choice. It reduces carbon foot print and helps to prevent the massive meat crisis that looms ahead. 


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Top 10 Sustainable Meats