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Side Effects Of Eating Crackers

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CrackersThe flat, crunchy and usually baked crackers are often recognized as nutritious and tasty snacks. But is this statement applicable to all types of crackers? No friends! Some types of crackers are capable of causing side effects which may have a significant negative effect on your health. The calories in them often contribute to most of the side effects.  Let us see learn about some  such health related complications caused by crackers by reading through this blog.






Side Effects Of Consuming Crackers:

  • The high calorie and trans-fat content in cheese-filled crackers may make you obese in a long run.
  • Crackers are also capable of causing health complications like diabetes, hyperlipidemia etc because of its high calorie content.
  • The high sodium content in salted crackers may increase your blood pressure levels and cause problems like water retention, edema etc.
  • Spicy crackers may cause problems like acid reflux, heartburn etc, which may cause worse effects in individuals with gastrointestinal problems.
  • Recent researches have indicated that sugared crackers increase the risk of dental caries and tooth decay in people who over-consume it.


Unsafe Varieties Of Crackers:

  • Cheese/Butter filled crackers-For its high fat content
  • Salted crackers-For its high sodium content
  • Sugared crackers-For its high calorie content


Enjoy crackers with your salads or as a snack with a yummy dip. But never exceed the limits since over- eating may increase the risk of occurrence of side effects.


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Side Effects Of Eating Crackers