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Side Effects Of Eating Cakes

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CakeThe popular dessert of all times is the cake. But are you aware of its dangers and the side effects associated with it?  Cakes may satisfy your taste buds and make you hope for seconds, you need to stay aware that this high calorie dessert is perfectly capable of causing devastating effect on your health which amount to diabetes and obesity along with other conditions likely to affect the proper functioning of your body. Trail down to know about the various side effects caused by eating this sweet delight.





Side Effects Of Consuming Cakes:

  • Cakes have a very high content of carbohydrates and fats and so may make you put on weight.
  • The sugars in cake may increase your blood glucose level and so you may become diabetic on a long run.
  • Cakes with chocolates and nuts have a high serotonin content and so may make you feel excited and happy. This psychological impact of cakes is undesirable since serotonin is stimulated by an external source.
  • The margarine or butter which is been used in cakes may raise your blood cholesterol levels.
  • Marijuana (cannabis) in space cakes is capable of causing psychoactive undesirable effects, like mood lifting, anxiety, excitement etc.
  • Dyes in some velvet cakes which are been used for coloring purposes, may cause digestion related problems and may even be allergic to some people.
  • Some type of cakes like lazy cakes may induce sleepiness, numbness and weakness.


Unsafe Types Of Cakes:

  • Space Cakes-For its marijuana content
  • Lazy cakes-For its ability  to act as sedatives
  • Velvet cakes-For the dyes been used in it.
  • Colored cakes-For the coloring agents used in it.


Opt for a healthier option like fruit cake, or honey cake as a dessert and minimize the detrimental side effects.


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Side Effects Of Eating Cakes