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Side Effects Of Eating Chips

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ChipsCrunchy and crispy chips(also known as crisps in UK) may be perfect snacks. But are you aware of the side effects which munching on chips might cause? Apart from the increased calorie count, there are many other negative effects caused by these snacks on your health. Scroll down the blog to know more about the dangerous side effects associated with chips.







Side Effects Of Consuming Chips:

  • They are capable of causing constipation and digestion related problems since they lack in fiber content.
  • Salted chips may raise your blood pressure levels. It may also lead to edema and swelling of body parts due to the high sodium content.
  • Spiced chips may cause heartburn or acid reflux and so you may feel uncomfortable for a very long time.
  • Being deep fried in oil, they can raise your blood cholesterol levels too.
  • The high calorie content of chips may make you prone to diabetes and also make you obese.


Unsafe Varieties Of  Chips:

  • Potato chips-For its impact on blood sugar levels.
  • Tortilla chips-For its high sodium content.
  • Tapioca chips-For its high calories.
  • Banana chips-For its impact on blood cholesterol levels.


Reduce the risk of such side effects by limiting their intake. Try to prepare chips at home so that they are healthier without compromising on the taste. However, its always better to choose a snack other than chips to stay healthy.


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Side Effects Of Eating Chips