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Side Effects Of Eating Bacon

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BaconCured pig meat, popularly known as bacon, is one of the most preferred food of the people from the Western World. The consumption rate of bacon has increased manifolds over the years giving  way to a kind of bacon mania that is  prevalent in United States today. But there are certain side effects caused by ingesting bacon which may be detrimental effect to your health.  Hypertension is one of them too. Read on  to know more about the side effects  of this cured animal meat.




Side Effects Of Consuming Bacon:

  • Bacon curing requires lots of sodium nitrate and this may be the cause health complications.
  • Sodium nitrate is basically a salt, which may increase your blood pressure levels to a very great extent which may lead to hypertension and cardio vascular problems.
  • The high sodium content of bacons may cause edema and swelling.
  • According to a study conducted in Columbia bacon has a link with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • It is capable of causing abdominal discomforts like bloating, heart burn and acid reflux.
  • It can cause and aggravate diabetes mellitus has been proved by Harvard school of public health.
  • Bacon is capable of increasing your blood lipid levels and thereby makes you hyperlipidemic.
  • It has proven effects on brain which may lead to compulsive eating behavior and obesity in people who eat bacon for a very long time.


Minimizing the quantity of  bacon and replacing it with any other kind of meat gradually is certainly an option to ponder when it comes to the means of reducing the risk of side effects. Enjoy bacon in a limited quantity and stay safe from its side effects.


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Side Effects Of Eating Bacon