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Side Effects Of Eating Cookies

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CookiesThe yummy and delicious cookies are liked by people of all ages. But the side effects of cookies would never be appreciated by anyone who likes it. The negative effects caused by cookieson your health may lead to several complications of high risk. Trail down to know the side effects of eating cookies.








Side Effects Of Consuming Cookies:

  • The high calorie content of cookies may increase your body weight and make you obese.
  • The refined flour used in cookies might elevate your blood glucose levels due to its high glycemic index.
  • Salted cookies are capable of raising your blood pressure levels.
  • The butter content of cookies may raise your cholesterol levels.
  • Raw dough of cookies are more susceptible to bacterial infection and cookies made out of such infected dough may cause food poisoning.


Tips To Minimize Side Effects Of Cookies:

  • Replace butter or margarines with healthy oils.
  • Add more nutrient rich ingredients.
  • Reduce the salt usgae.


Watch out the quantity of cookies you consume since over eating cookies may contribute devastating effects.


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Side Effects Of Eating Cookies