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5 Foods With Contraceptive Properties

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appleFor people who wish to practice natural contraception, there are options available right on their plate! This blog discusses 5 foods with contraceptive properties that can be used along with other methods of contraception and are considered helpful by many. These foods have chemicals that bring about changes in the levels of hormones, such as testosterone in men and progesterone in women, which reduce chances of conception drastically. Lets take a quick look at them.






1. Papaya

Green papaya

This fruit has been used widely in Asian countries as a natural contraceptive. The raw green variety has an enzyme called papain which is responsible for this effect. This natural plant chemical reduces the levels of female hormones that are needed for successful contraception, however as the fruit ripens, it loses this contraceptive property.

2. Carrot


Carrots have been ingested for centuries to prevent pregnancy. Now, according to a recent study, consuming too many carrots leads to high intake of carotenoids which can interfere with the process of ovulation and regular menstruation. Naturally, this makes it difficult for a woman to conceive.


3. Coffee


Too much coffee may be bad for you, but for women who are looking for natural methods of birth control, it can be quite helpful. In a recent study, women who drank a lot of coffee, had a reduced chance of getting pregnant due to the active compound caffeine plays in this role.


4. Celery


This green vegetable is a must have for its contraceptive powers. A study showed that men who ate 75g of celery everyday for a period of 12 weeks, had a lower sperm count than those who ate it less frequently.


5. Bishop's Weed

bishops weed

Bishops Weed has been used traditionally as a morning after pill for many centuries. The seeds are crushed and consumed with water. Lab research has shown that the use of this seed reduces the chances of the egg getting implanted in the uterus and thus, a failure of pregnancy. It also inhibits the formation of important female hormones in the body needed for fertility.


It is to be remembered that the research on the above topic is still in its infancy. Please consult your doctor before using these foods for contraception.  


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5 Foods With Contraceptive Properties