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Top 5 Sustainable Fish

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Sustainable Fish

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear the word “fish” is a nice plate with grilled fish or fish and chips. But did you ever try and find out if that fish in your plate is a sustainable or not? According to a survey, if we carry on fishing the present way, the fish stocks will collapse leading to the marine ecosystem being irreparably damaged. You can choose to opt for a sustainable fish and thus save our ecosystem. Here is a list to help you decide when you go fish shopping the next time . 

Sustainable Fish Varieties


1. Salmon Salmon Fish

Wild Alaskan Salmon tops the chart as the fishing regulations are really strict and a lot of care is taken not to harm other marine life while fishing. Canned Salmon is also a great option if you are looking for a cheaper fish. Wild salmon from Washington, Oregon and California is also okay to use. These states also follow good fishing regulations. But try to avoid farmed salmon, as it is bred and raised in a tightly packed area and they are fed fish meals, which may even be toxic. Also, wild Atlantic salmon is not recommended, as it is an endangered species.


Tilapia Fisj


2. Tilapia

This fish is gaining a lot of popularity and it is presently the 5th most eaten fish in the US. And why shouldn’t it be? It tastes excellent, it is readily available and it is cheaper than other varieties. The best part is that, it is a vegetarian fish, so the mercury levels are lower than other fish. The best tilapia that you can buy is the locally available fresh ones. Even the Latin American tilapia is alright. These varieties are bred under good hygienic conditions. The Asian tilapia on the other hand should be avoided as their breeding conditions are not very well defined and not regulated.







Tuna Fish


3. Tuna

It does not need any introduction as it has its own mark in the culinary world. The most sustainable tuna varieties are local or Canadian Albacore and Yellowfin from U.S Atlantic, caught by troll/pole method. You can also rely on Blackfin from Atlantic, imported Yellowfin or Bigeye caught by troll/ pole method and canned white or light tuna. The tuna varieties that you must avoid are Bluefin and Blackfin from Atlantic; imported Yellowfin or Bigeye caught by longline or purse seine method.


Arctic Char Fish

4. Arctic Char

Farmed arctic char is one of the best fish to have if you are really conscious about the marine ecosystem and want to help by eating sustainable seafood. Its farming process does not involve any pollution or contamination. The Monterey Bay Aquarium "Seafood Watch" program has recently added farmed Arctic char as an environmentally sustainable Best Choice for consumers.


5. Barramundi 

Barramundi Fish

This fish is also making its way into the American household really fast. Barramundi is already a very popular fish in the Asian and Australian subcontinents. Efforts are being made to breed them locally. It is a mild white fish and that is the reason it is becoming more popular with the natives. This is one of the toughest varieties to catch as these are quite apt in deceiving the fixed nets.  That makes it even more prized.


These are some of the best sustainable fish varieties that I have chosen based on my awareness and the research data available. But there is a lot more information available about sustainable seafood varieties and fishing methods, that are eco friendly. You can add more to this list from your experience!


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Top 5 Sustainable Fish