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Top 5 Sustainable Seafood

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Fresh Seafood PlatterChoosing the right food has always been confusing, and if you have to choose seafood that is sustainable and conserves the ecological balance too, the job gets  even tougher. Read on to find out some of the best seafood that does not only taste good and is healthy for you, but also avoids the depletion of our natural resources.





List of Sustainable Seafood



1. ShrimpShrimp - A Sustainable Seafood

Though there is a debate going on about the health benefits of shrimps, most of the cholesterol found in it is good for you and it also includes omega 3 fatty acids; along with a high protein content. As per the researches, the safest and the most eco friendly varieties to buy are Pink Shrimp from Oregon and Spot Prawns from Canada.  Avoid buying all the imported shrimps as you don't know under what circumstances they are bred. Usually they do not breed in a very hygeinic environment.




Oyster - A Sustainable Seafood

2. Oysters 

These are always great, whether raw or fried. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids and zinc (an excellent aphrodisiac). Farm oysters are one of the most sustainable seafood you can buy. On the other hand wild oysters belong to the category of endangered species now. So, we must take wise decisions while buying them and do our bit, to save the nature.




3. Mussles 

Mussels - A Sustainable Seafood

These are definitely one of the most versatile seafood in the kitchen. They can be cooked with the shells or without them. Mussels are available in many forms including fresh, canned and frozen. It is one of the most protein rich ingredient that you can have and its relatively low fat content makes it even more desirable for a healthy diet. When it comes to helping the environment by eating sensibly, mussels always get high ratings, as it is easier to farm than any other shellfish. So the next time you want to cook something eco friendly, buy Farmed Mussels.





Crabs - A Sustainable Seafood


 4. Crab

This is a delicacy in some parts of the world, due to its amazing flavor and succulent texture. Health wise it is one of the richest food items. It has omega 3 fatty acids, high protein, and is rich in vitamins and vital minerals. It is also low in calories and fat content. Although crab is a little expensive, it is a great way to treat yourself for being a part of a cause and helping to save the environment. Dungeness and Stone crab are the most eco friendly varieties, but you can also buy Blue Crab, Snow Crab and domestic King Crabs. But never opt for imported King Crabs. These affect our ecosystem adversely. As, they are not harvested in a regulated manner, causing damage to other marine life.


 5. Clams Clams - A Sustainable Seafoood

These are an integral part of some of the traditional dishes and look really good when served on a plate. They are high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and more surprisingly, their iron content is even higher than beef and liver of any animal. These are best for people with anemia. When buying clams, look out for Farmed or Soft shell Clams. Wild Clams are also okay to buy if you really like it.




Seafood is always the best option when you want to eat nutritious food in order to stay healthy and fit. And now there is another good reason to eat healthy seafood- helping to save the environment! These were a few of my favorites’ why don’t you share your favorite sustainable seafood here too?


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Top 5 Sustainable Seafood