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Amazing Food Facts: Believe It Or Not!

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camel feastFood sustains life but more often than not, we carry on through life without paying much attention to it. There are some amazing food facts, which tend to overshadow even the most bizarre aspects of life. Would you believe if you were told that the most expensive coffee beans in the world actually come from the poop of a cat-sized animal? Or if you came to know that FDA, the keeper of our food sanctity, allows shopkeepers to sell rodent hair and insects as part of peanut butter? Creepy, right? Well, there’s more:-


1) Feast of the Camel


A highlight of the Bedouin weddings in the Middle East region, this camel is not just a camel but a camel stuffed with eggs. Now you may think what is so bizarre about eggs inside a camel? Well, the eggs are inside the fish, which is inside the chickens, which are inside a sheep, which is inside the camel. So, you see, it is the mother of all stuffing, which goes into making this truly-stuffed camel.


2) Rodents & Bugs peanut butter


This piece of information is truly going to put you off peanut butter for a long time but it is true. The FDA gives permission to shopkeepers to sell an average of 30 insect fragments and one or more rodent hairs per 100 grams of peanut butter. Why this is allowed is not clear but would you eat peanut butter again? We doubt!


Worcestershire sauce3) Worcestershire Sauce


Here is some more bad news. The Worcestershire sauce that you, so lovingly, add to your dishes, is made with anchovies. Well, nothing wrong so far but did you know that these anchovies are soaked in vinegar till they are melted and thus is made your Worcestershire sauce, anchovies, bones, and all.


4) Kopi Luwak Kopi Luwak


This may be the most disgusting of all bizarre food facts but it has to be told. Civet, which is a cat-sized mammal, gorges on the finest ripe berries and then poops out the partially-digested beans. It is these beans, which are currently being harvested, and sold in the range of $120-$600 per pound.


Hippo soup5) Hippopotamus Soup?


Who would have thought that the first soup ever had in this world would be that of a hippopotamus? According to archaeological findings, the first ever soup was consumed in 6,000 BC and it was made of hippopotamus.


6) Refried Beans Refried Beans


This one’s a case of translation error more than any other thing. The original beans were called “Frijoles Refritos”, which means “Beans well-fried.” However, when translated to English, the “refritos” became “re-fried”, however, the beans are fried just once, in case you are worrying about too much fat.


Popsicle7) Popsicle


This is more interesting than weird. An 11-year-old Frank Epperson, in 1905 San Francisco, made a mixture of soda and water and left it out overnight, with a stick in it. By morning, the mixture had frozen to the stick and thus was born the first popsicle.


8) Microwaves Microwave Cooking


Percy LeBaron Spencer, who worked with the Raytheon Company, accidentally discovered microwave cooking when while walking past a radar tube, he found that the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted.


Peanuts9) Peanuts & Dynamite


Yes, this is true. Peanuts are related to dynamite, though, not anymore. You can make glycerol with peanut oil, which can, then, be used to make nitroglycerin, one of the components of dynamite.


10) Coconut Water coconut water


In case of emergencies, the coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma, because it is sterile and of an ideal pH level.


Some of these food facts were amazing, some bizarre, and some downright yuck! However, if you think this is weird, wait till you read about these deadly foods.


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Amazing Food Facts: Believe It Or Not!