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Vietnamese Food: Pho Bo A Traditional Pho Recipe

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Pho boVietnamese pho soup is very popular today in the United States because it is so very delicious and good for you, it is a rage in Southeast Asian cuisine just about everywhere you go! So what is pho soup? Most people when they say pho say it as "foe" or "fah" and this is not correct. The correct way of saying pho is "feu" or "few" or "fuh".



Pho soup whether it is pho bo (beef) or pho ga (chicken) is the national food of Vietnam. It is referred to as the "food of the people". This delicious soup is a mainstay in street side food stalls and restaurants alike. Today's pho recipe is one of the earliest of Asian fusion foods as it is influenced heavily by both French and Chines cuisine.

The history of pho soup goes back well over one hundred years and between the influence of the French and Chinese cuisines in my opinion the French had the higher degree of influence. There was a time when the French occupied the country of Vietnam which then was called Tonkin and this occupation lasted from 1858 to 1954 and was called the French Protectorate of Tonkin.

At this time Vietnamese food especially pho soup was influenced by a dish called "pot au feu" that was made by the French cooks and this meal was simply meat and vegetables that were cooked in a rich and heatly broth made from the meat and bones that were boiled to make the broth that later became known as pho soup.

In my opinion and the opinon of thousands upon thousands of Vietnamese people the number one main constituent of a successful pho soup is the broth and if done correctly you will have a soup experience that you never forget in terms of flavor and aroma! It takes between three and four hours to make a successful ph soup broth and you want this broth to be as pure as possible prior to eating it!

You will need to get some marrow bones in order to make pho bo and the best bones for the job are beef shank and knuckle bones. It is also a good idea to get a piece of beef to make with it either a piece of chuck or rump roast is an excellent choice for pho bo. Then all you will need to do is to get the impurities out of the marrow bones prior to making the pho bo and you will be well on your way! If you want to see a great video on how to make truly fresh pho bo soup then check out my video on pho bo here. If you like the video and I think you will you can find the exact ingredients and measurments to make this classic pho recipe at my blog @ I know you will enjoy this soup and in this winter season this is one way to really warm up inside!


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Vietnamese Food: Pho Bo A Traditional Pho Recipe