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Fast Food Baby

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Our life today may be fast-paced, but it is becoming increasingly important for us to get back into our kitchens and prepare good, homemade meals food with love. Our kids look up to us daily as role models, especially when they are babies. How we act, what we say and now even what we eat, is becoming a big factor in how our kids will be as they grow older.

It's astonishing how our junk food addiction is dropping alarmingly down the age ladder. So much so, that we are now rearing a generation of fast food babies. Check out the following video link, which may prove to be the most fascinating 14 minutes of your life. This provoking and somewhat terrifying documentary reveals babies and toddlers eating a diet of chips, burgers and french fries, all topped off with up to 6 bottles of Coca Cola a day. It explores the the deep-set reasons behind why parents choose to continue feeding their children junk food and follows three families as they desperately try and break their child's addiction by getting them back on the nutritional path. Although very interesting, it is the reality of what so many young families are living daily which makes us wonder, what is the future of our youth with childhood obesity already on the rise?

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Fast Food Baby