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The making of a hot dog wiener

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The hot dog is one of the most recognized food items in the world. Do we know what the ingredients are to this famous/popular food staple?Has anyone ever stopped to read the ingredients label to realize that there are not amazingly healthy items on the list. Do we understand and recognize these ingredients or just turn our heads and figure "Oh well, it will fill me up for now...good enough!". How can we say "good enough" when this is the most important part of our life that we are talking about??

 Do we understand why we eat so many hot dogs and how many children eat these on a regular basis. We are now living in the largest obesity epidemic of the century. There are so many new illnesses and ailments being born everyday due to the food that we consume. We have to get with the program, read what is in the food we buy, realize that the fast-food industry will not be there for us when our heart valves and arteries are blocked and we are taking our last breath. We have to realize that this food staple is giving us empty calories, which makes us crave more food once we've consumed them.

Our bodies are made of live components and needs live/real food to survive properly. Fast-food outlets are designed to make everything cheap and easy for us and lets not forget "Supersized"! We can order from the convenience of our car, pay and eat in the car as well...omg...what has our society become...What example are we giving to our future generation.

As parents we have to get back in the kitchen and start preparing real meals, make with real ingredients and made with love...

Watch the following video of how hot dogs are made...low grade ingredients from 3 different animals, artificial tastes, smells and coloring all added to this popular food. Now you can at least make a well educated decision and see if you really want to keep consuming this on a regular basis.

In health,

The Health Nut!!


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The Making Of A Hot Dog Wiener