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peshawari chicken leg.

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  Hi,, lovers.

Here is a tip for cooking[peshawari chicken legs],details of ingredients and cooking ,given below;-

                    PESHAWARI< CHICKEN LEGS.


4 chicken legs                  1/4 tsp.turmeric,

 1/2 cup curd,                   1 tsp.coriander powder,

1 ginger,                          1/2 tsp.zeera powder,

8 cloves,garlic&3 green chillis, 2 onions chopped into rings,

1/2 tsp.garam masala powder,  2 lemons,

1/2 tsp. red chilli powder,          1tbsp butter.

 Grind giger, garlic and green chillies into a paste. wash chicken legs and prick each at a few places with a fork. place in a large bowl and marinate with paste. add curd and all other powdered spice and rub ckicken legs well with mixure. cover the bowl and refrigerate for a  couple of hours.  remove and pressure cook for about six minutes on low flame after first whistle. remove chicken pieces and place in a non stick pan with butter on low flame turn around till chicken legs are golden brown. remove from fire squeeze juice of half a lemon on the chicken. serve with onion rings, lemon slices, garnished with coriander with saled with honey-vinaigrette dressing and toasted bread.

    big  khan

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Who the hell in th world has taught you this recipe..for god sake why are you spoiling th name of peshawri.. peshawri cuisine is th cuisine of the north west frontier and th way you have showed our viewers to cook in the pan is awful. first of all in peshawar they never had pans secondly they they always ate lamb and not chicken and thirdly they always cooked food on coal fire and not gas. Iknow it is not possible nowadays to get a clay oven and coal, but it can be substituted with peat fire.PLEASE DO NOT MISGUIDE THE VIEWERS!!!!!!  Ishmeet singh kapoor Jr Sous chef Bukhara, New Delhi
khau.khan's picture
chef, common , not every one is a top food expert like you! so many recipes have been lixed and matched with other things with time that in common cooking , names may remain, but flavors may change !
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It is not enough to so that this is not right. Where is your version of this dish? Give us recipe and show us detailed pictures or videos. Rather than saying this does not look like "ABC" you should show us "ABC" recipe.
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big_khan, you should post this as a recipe, not as a blog
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big khan.........but here it not digestable....
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Boss peshawari khane ki to apne le li. yeh to auntijee ke desi cooker chicken ki recepie hai 
ishmeet82's picture
you're absolutely right man... finally i got a guy who agrees to me... ok .. i agree i was a bit rude.. but c'mon ya.. this is chicken curry,or masala chicken or Pan fried indian chick.. not a PESHAWRI CHICKEN for gods sake........ Ishmeet singh kapoor Jr Sous chef Bukhara, New Delhi
khau.khan's picture
why dont you upload the right recipe or video ! i saw your roomali roit video - no sound in it Bon Appetite!
ishmeet82's picture
will do soon........ Ishmeet singh kapoor Jr Sous chef Bukhara, New Delhi
ishmeet82's picture
hey... what do wanna do with the sound ... its jus a video showing the way a roomali roti is made.. its no recipe or description,its a demo... i understand sound is essential.. but not a crucial part of it.. So pleese stop cribbing about the sound.. Ishmeet singh kapoor Jr Sous chef Bukhara, New Delhi
sumoanand's picture
i agree with you.. :)
khau.khan's picture
yeah - Sure. Who needs color also - it would have looked awesome on black and white too!. After all you are just showing how to roll a romali roti! And Yeah, who needs sound to hear your introductory video too! We all can easily make out what you Intend TO say. Lets start a "watch only! dont listen" category here - will be good humor and entertainment! back to the days of silent movies!
ishmeet82's picture
good man .. you got out good humour in my "watch only-don listen video". lemme tell you man ... will make videos wth no sound. see how it works.. good na when u can make out wat i intend to say. why need to hear.. see? without sound i can communicate to my viewers.. but whatever u say....I WILL NEVER EVER AGREE TO THE SICK RECIPE OF THE PESHAWRI LEG THAT YOUR FREND HAS POSTED.. IT IS THAT BLOG THAT WE ARE ON IN WHICH YOU RIDICULE MY VIDEO.. Ishmeet singh kapoor Jr Sous chef Bukhara, New Delhi
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
disputed recipe!Hey ishmeet,do something for the foodlovers!
ishmeet82's picture
will definitely do.. hey lemme buy out a little time.. actually am opening a new restaurant called kebabs n kurries in sheraton hyderabad.. so get very little time to sit on th net.. Ishmeet singh kapoor Jr Sous chef Bukhara, New Delhi
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thats cool man..
Pashtun's picture
A very un-peshawri recipe. The food of NWFP is not that spicy. Who uses corriander, chilli and turmeric to cook chicken in Frontier?
Peshawari Chicken Leg.