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Cumin Leaf Benefits

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Cumin leaf Cumin leaf is edible but is rarely used in day-to-day cooking although it has some benefits associated with it.  Let us look at some  of the interesting cumin leaf benefits










Health Benefits of Cumin Leaf

Cumin is used in a myriad of treatments. It is used as a digestive aid and as a painkiller for headaches for instance. Among these, cumin leaves are used only for making poultices for treating the upper respiratory tract infections. 


Culinary Benefits of Cumin Leaf

Thai cuisine uses cumin leaves in soups, stews, and sauces. The leaves are chopped raw and added towards the end of the cooking period. Thai curry also makes use of cumin leaves. Another use of these leaves in the culinary field is to reduce unpleasant odors. They are often used in meat marinades to decrease the odor of meat while it is being cooked.


We store cumin seeds in our kitchen but I am sure most of us are new to cumin leaves.  Give them a try when you come across then next!


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Cumin Leaf Benefits