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Ceylon Leaf Benefits

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Ceylon leaf benefitsThe leaves of Ceylon leaf are lush green and heart shaped. They are used in cooking and have some medicinal benefits as well. Let us look at some of the interesting Ceylon leaf benefits…







Ceylon Leaf Health Benefits

  • Ceylon leaves are a good source of chlorophyll.
  • They are rich in iron.
  • They provide body with digestive enzymes and stimulate secretion of stomach juices.
  • The leaves are good for liver and pancreas too.
  • Ceylon leaves are mucilaginous and hence are good for getting rid of mucus from body.
  • The leaves have high water content and hence can help with fluid retention in body.
  • Ceylon leaf is used in treatment of insomnia, nervous breakdown.
  • Topical application has been found to relieve symptoms of eczema, ulcers, and headaches.
  • They are used in folk medicine for treating cancer too.


Culinary Uses of Ceylon Leaf

Nip off the tender young leaves, and add to salads, sandwiches, dip, and garnish. The leaves have varied taste depending on palate and ranges from tasting like green peas to lettuce and fresh beans. The rich iron and chlorophyll gives the mature leaves spinach like taste. The leaves can be steamed, sliced, added to stir fries, soups, casseroles, and vegetable dishes. They can be infused in hot water and consumed as tea.


Ceylon leaf is a  versatile herb indeed! Use this often to enjoy it's benefits.


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Ceylon Leaf Benefits