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Ajwain Leaf Benefits

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Ajwain leaf benefitsAjwain leaf, also known as bishop's weed, is a tender, fleshy leaf with an oregano or thyme like flavor and aroma. The plant, a native to India and East Asia,   has many medicinal properties and the leaves are used extensively in cooking throughout India. Read on for more ajwain leaf benefits…






Health Benefits of Ajwain Leaf

  • Ajwain leaves are used for treating colds, coughs, and fevers in infants and small children.
  • Similar to the seeds, ajwain leaves can also provide relief from stomach problems like flatulence and other abdominal discomforts.
  • It can be used as an antiseptic.
  • They are ideal to relieve colic symptoms in babies.
  • The leaves are believed to improve digestion and stimulate appetite in children.
  • The oil extracted from seeds and leaves can be used for treating dysbiosis or microbial imbalances within the body. The oil selectively inhibits growth of pathogens and does not harm beneficial flora of intestine.


Culinary Uses of Ajwain Leaf

Ajwain leaf has a sharp, thyme like flavor. A few leaves would be enough to flavor the entire dish. The main component that gives the leaves its flavor is thymol and hence the similarity to thyme. Ajwain leaf is used in selective Indian dishes while ajwain seeds are more extensively used. In certain parts of west India like in states of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, ajwain leaves are dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried to make pakoras or bajjis. Ajwain leaves and yogurt and mixed to make thambuli, a southern India delicacy.

Ajwain leaf has many benefits and adding a few to your cooking would help you enjoy the same.


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Ajwain Leaf Benefits