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Boldo Leaf Benefits

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553155-boldo-leaf-is-rare-but-very-beneficial.boldo-leafBoldo leaf is a not so commonly found herb. It is native to South America and is found in coastal areas of Chile. In the Mediterranean region, it can be found growing in the wild. Boldo leaves are aromatic with a tinge of bitterness. Read on to know interesting boldo leaf benefits…









Health Benefits of Boldo Leaf

  • Boldo leaf is good for digestion and digestion-related illnesses.
  • Boldine in boldo leaf stimulates bile flow from gall bladder and hence treats liver disorders.
  • Boldo is a diuretic and aids in normal urine flow.
  • Boldo oil has a soothing effect on mind and promotes relaxation.
  • The leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for treating rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.


Culinary Uses of Boldo Leaf

Boldo leaf is almost unknown outside South American kitchens. The warm, spicy flavor of the boldo leaf is tasty and most people tend to like it once they manage to come across it. Boldo leaves can be used as a good substitute for Indian bay leaves. These can be added to kormas, garam masala (spice mix), marinades, and rubs. Boldo leaves have a strong taste and hence they should be used in reduced proportions. Boldo leaf is best paired with fish dishes. Add them to tasty gravies and sauces too. Mushrooms also taste delicious with this herb. Another way to use this versatile herb is in pickled vegetables abd teas.

If you get boldo leaf, do not hesitate, go ahead, and buy it. Enjoy the many benefits it offers.


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Is there any use of Boldo in Continental or Asian cuisines?
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Boldo leaves can be used instead of bay leaves in Asian cuisine.
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Is it available in India or Singapore?
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I am not sure if we get boldo leaves in India, but you never know with supermarkets stocking everything grown might be surprised...
Samina.Tapia's picture
I doubt we get boldo leaves in India. Its like curry leaves which are a very common aromatic leaf available in Asia but not heard of in other continents!
chockyfoodie's picture
Do We get this leaf in India?
oatmeal's picture
Where can I get it?
Sweetcandy's picture
I heard boldo leaves help in curing depression also, because of its relaxing effects!
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Boldo leaf does have relaxing effects...
Boldo Leaf Benefits