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Nasturtium Leaf Benefits

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Nasturtium leaf benefitsNasturtium leaf is a type of edible watercress with a peppery, tangy flavor. The effect on nasal passage on consumption of this herb is so strong that it gets its name Nasturtium from Latin of ‘twisted nose’ – nasus tortus. Nasturtium leaves are large, circular or shield shaped. Read on for some interesting nasturtium leaf benefits…






Health Benefits of Nasturtium Leaf

  • It has antimicrobial activities.
  • It is a mild and gentle laxative.
  • The leaves can be used for treating respiratory infections like bronchitis.
  • They are effective against viral infections like cold and influenza too.
  • Their bitter taste helps to clear phlegm and congestion in chest.
  • The leaves are a good digestive tonic and stimulate stomach juice flow.
  • Topical application of the leaves can help with certain external infections.
  • It can be used to treat urinary tract infections in combination with other herbs.


Culinary Uses of Nasturtium

Nasturtium leaves are a rich source of vitamin C. The leaves impart a peppery and pungent flavor to dishes to which they are added. The leaves can be added in stir-fries too.


Other Nasturtium Leaf Benefits

These herbaceous leaves are good companion plants. They can repel cucurbit pests like cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and caterpillars. They are often planted as trap crop since they attract black fly aphids, at the same time attract beneficial predatory insects too.


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Nasturtium Leaf Benefits