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Tarragon Leaf Benefits

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Tarragon leaf benefitsTarragon leaf or dragon’s-wort, as it is commonly known as is a native of the Northern Hemisphere. Hence, it can be found in Europe, Central Asia, India, Northern Mexico, and Western USA. Tarragon leaf is broad and glossy green in color. The herb is aromatic and similar to anise due to the presence of estragole.  Tarragon leaves are used in cooking and has many health benefits too. Let us look at some tarragon leaf benefits…






Tarragon Leaf Health Benefits

  • Tarragon leaf can induce appetite.
  • It can be used for relieving stomach cramps.
  • Tarragon leaf can help in preventing gum disease and curing toothaches. Chew on some tarragon leaves and place this on the sore tooth for relief from pain.
  • It can be used as an antidote for poisonous snakebites.
  • Leaves can help you rid of fatigue and stress.


Culinary Uses of Tarragon Leaf

Tarragon is one among the four spices used in traditional French cuisine. It is particularly used with lasagna, fish, egg, and chicken dishes. Bearnaise sauce has tarragon leaves as one of its main components. Sprigs of tarragon can be steeped in vinegar so that the flavor infuses into it. Countries like Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia etc have a popular carbonated soft drink flavored with tarragon. Tarragon is used  as a spice in a sweet pastry in Slovenia.

Tarragon leaf benefits are many. Enjoy them by trying out the recipes at


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Tarragon Leaf Benefits