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Fennel Leaf Benefits

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Fennel leaf benefitsFennel leaf is a feathery and aromatic herb. The flavorful herb has many medicinal and culinary uses. Fennel leaf tastes similar to anise and has a swollen stem that is used as a vegetable. Let us take a look at the various fennel leaf benefits…













Health Benefits of Fennel Leaf

  • They are excellent for digestion. Use fennel leaf to relieve  indigestion, constipation, nausea, and gas.
  • Fennel leaves can detoxify the kidneys, spleen, and liver.
  • They are a natural diuretic and helps in smooth urine flow.
  • They help to reduce fluid retention in body.
  • Leaves of fennel can be used for regulating menstrual periods.
  • They are galactogogues and help in production of milk in lactating mothers.
  • The component anethole present in fennel leaves has many pharmacological uses like lowering body temperature, anticonvulsant properties etc.
  • TNF or tumor necrosis factor shuts down on consuming fennel leaves. This would lead to reduced risk of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis etc.


Culinary Uses of Fennel Leaf

Fennel leaf benefits include its use in the kitchen. They are an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine. The Indian subcontinent and Middle East too uses this herb in their cuisines. The leaves are used in pastas, salads, side dishes, risottos and in artichokes. They can be chopped raw and added to soups and antipasto for a flavor of anise. Alternately, they can be cooked with other  ingredients in a dish. Fish dishes in particular taste good with fennel leaves.


Fennel leaf is a versatile herb and its use is limited due to lack of knowledge. Hopefully you will begin using this herb once you know of its benefits.


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Fennel Leaf Benefits