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Clove Leaf Benefits

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Clove leaf benefitsClove leaf is a strong, hot aromatic spice used in Indonesian, Indian, Mexican, and Vietnamese cuisines. Apart from being used for cooking, it is a spice with medicinal properties. It has antiseptic, analgesic, and anesthetic properties which makes it widely used in traditional as well as contemporary medicine. Read on for more clove leaf benefits






Health Benefits of Clove Leaf

  • Clove leaves contain high amounts of eugenol, which makes it a potent anti fungal medicine.
  • Dentists use the analgesic effect of clove leaves as an effective anesthetic in times of severe toothache.
  • Cloves are very good sources of flavonoids and hence inhibit free radical oxidation.
  • Clove leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Clove leaves can also be used to treat mild infections like common cold, cough, flu, and indigestion.
  • They are effective against bloating and flatulence too.
  • Skin eruptions like boils, pimples and acne can find relief with topical application of clove leaves.


Culinary Uses of Clove Leaf

Clove leaves have a very strong flavor and hence it is necessary to use it in minimal amounts. If used in excess, it would easily empower the taste of dish. Stocks, soups, and courts-bouillons get an elusive taste of this spice being studded in the onions. Clove leaves can enhance taste of game meat like wild boar, venison, and hare. They are also used in various spice mixes like curry powders, pickling spices, mulling spices etc. Cloves are an integral part of the flavor of Worcestershire sauce. They are used extensively in North Africa and Middle East in meat dishes. Mostly clove leaves are used to aromatize rice and rice dishes.


Enjoy various clove leaf benefits by adding this wonder spice in your regular cooking!


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Clove Leaf Benefits