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Are Powdered Eggs Yuck or Yum?

powdered eggs

Powdered Eggs are really important for your food storage. And our THRIVE eggs are YUM! And you will never guess how many whole eggs are in a can!...236. Isn't that amazing?


Most people want to know, "can you actually eat powdered eggs? Do they taste like regular eggs? Can you bake and cook with them?"


I'll tell you in my experience that these eggs are great! They don't stink! You can bake with them or mix them up and make an omelette.


How do you mix them up? With the THRIVE brand, 1 tb. of egg powder mixed with 2 tbs. of water makes 1 eggs.


What have I made with these eggs? cookies, cake, breakfast casserole, scrambled eggs with sausage.


When you think about what kind of food you could make if you couldn't open your fridge and freezer we all tend to think of, brownies, cookies, cake mix etc. All these require eggs to make (and oil) so I hope you have some of that. And you should have some water already.


If you were to use what you have in your pantry you would definitely need eggs to make any of these and many more things. It's a good idea to have some in stock.

Egg carton

If you are afraid to use them, then just buy them to have them on hand. You can also purchase a medium can or a pouch if you want a smaller amount. It will give you some peace of mind to know you will have one more item in your storage that will help you cook.


You can store them 5 years sealed and 6 month opened.



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Are Powdered Eggs Yuck Or Yum?