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Vanilla Facts – To Eat Or Not To Eat

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Vanilla facts - to eat or not to eatVanilla, the tropical orchid is the second most expensive spice in the world and is highly valued for its unique, delicate flavor and its complex aroma. There are quite a few vanilla facts that are unique and most are unaware of.Vanilla is a native of Mexico and the name ‘vanilla’ is derived from the Spanish word ‘vainilla’ meaning little pod. Read on to know more about the little pods that are used extensively in domestic baking, commercial baking, and perfume manufacture...
















Beneficial Vanilla Facts

Apart from its wonderful flavor, vanilla also has quite a few health benefits.

  • Vanillin is the active component present in vanilla. Vanillin is an antioxidant with proved anti cancer properties. Research studies indicate that vanillin can slow down progress of breast and lung cancer by decreasing the invasion ability of cancer cells. Another derivative of vanillin, bromovanin is actively being considered in new cancer treatments.

  • Vanillin is found to offset the damage caused by formation of peroxynitrate in the brain. Research, investigating the effects of vanillin in people with Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease is underway.

  • Vanillin has a significant effect on the blood cells of people affected by sickle cell anemia. Research is on to make a new drug with vanillin as a component for treating sickle cell disease.

  • Vanilla has been commonly used as a home remedy from the 17th century for treating sleep difficulties, stomach ulcers, anxiety, depression, tooth decay, fever etc.

  • Vanilla is a popular aphrodisiac even though there is no scientific evidence in support of this.


Vanilla Facts to Reckon With

Vanilla has no known or proven toxicity. It is relatively safe to use in food and as a medicine. Nevertheless, lack of evidence and research in support makes it safer to use vanilla in prescribed quantities. Perform a skin patch test prior to using vanilla oil for aromatherapy.


To Eat or Not To Eat Vanilla

Vanilla is synonymous with baking and cooking across the globe. Vanilla facts indicate that it is relatively safe to use and a flavorful one at that! Go ahead and stock this spice in your kitchen cabinet.


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Vanilla Facts – To Eat Or Not To Eat