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Alcohol Law in Spain

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551552-alcohol-law-in-spain.imagesqtbnand9gcst2respkatale3a-wypimfi6rlehfq1snbxi-40qutzapysdnr2qThe alcohol law in Spain is one of the least restrictive in Europe. In Spain alcohol consumption is not considered restricted strongly as in other European countries. Also, some states in Spain have reduced their drinking ages to as low as 16 years keeping the youth in mind. Also, like some other countries you don’t need to furnish your ID proof for buying the alcohol. And Spanish authorities don’t mind your drinking unless and until it goes out of control.


Legal Drinking Age
In Spain you can buy alcohol once you have turned 18. The legal drinking age is 16 but buying age is 18.  In many provinces of Spain you can buy wine or beer if you are accompanied with parents.  The Spanish alcohol laws make no reference about consuming alcohol in home but they are largely concerned about the alcohol consumption in public places like pubs, restaurants, bars, etc. This means that a child can consume alcohol within home accompanied by parents.


Also, the law punishes the alcohol vendors for serving alcohol to minors rather than the minors themselves. If you are in Castile then you can consume and buy alcohol at the age of 16. Some proinThe Spanish government is striving hard to generalize the drinking and drug laws throughout the country because the government is worried about the effects of these harsh substances on health of commoner.


In some streets of Baleriac, Madrid and Canary islands the alcohol consumption is totally banned in public places. In such places the alcohol consumption is only allowed in licensed premises.


Drunken Driving Laws in Spain
Drunken driving is considered as serious offense in Spain and the BAC is 0.05% and 0.03% is the BAC limit set for the drivers who are on passenger vehicles. In such cases you need to keep strict tabs on your alcohol consumption, you can be easily overstep the limit with as little as one more drink depending on gender, level of fatigue, food consumption, and above all body weight.


Special distinction is made for novice drivers who have been driving for less than a year. The BAC limit set for novice drivers is 0.01 %. Heavy penalties are imposed on drunk drivers and at times they are fined heavily or they are kept on arrest for about 8-12 weekends. Plus if found guilty with severe offense of drink driving the driver may also have to part with their license for a period of one year and it may also stretch upto 4 years. Also, the drivers with higher alcohol limits can be punished even if they have not committed any drink driving offense. At times the drivers refusing to give breath tests are also handed over severe punishments which may stretch to heavy fines, and imprisonment of six – twelve months with the loss of license.


The alcohol law in Spain permits you to have alcohol to your heart’s content but special care should be taken to ensure that you are not abusing it to your heart’s content.  


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Alcohol Law In Spain