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Alcohol Law In Singapore

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551551-alcohol-law-in-singapore.imagesqtbnand9gctk-qwsmzymvx5r7qllkbap5-ole7suqtpjaqrtixsclpfhthi1Alcohol law in Singapore is very strict and the country exercises stricter laws in terms of public conduct. According to recent statistics, Singapore tops the list of countries with low crime rates and it is partly due to strict alcohol and drug abuse law. Consumption or mere purchase of alcohol is not permitted to anyone below the age of 18. People who are found creating pandemonium in the public places under the influence of alcohol are subjected to heavy imprisonment of about three months and hefty fines are imposed too. Read through the blog to get familiar with the alcohol law in Singapore.


There are also strict laws regarding importing alcohol into the country. Only the alcohol which is meant for personal consumption is allowed to be imported into the country. A person has to pay hefty tax of $9.00 per liter of alcohol with 15% of alcohol.


Legalized Drinking Age and Related Problems
As indicated before, the legalized drinking age in Singapore is 18 years and anyone found violating the laws is punished severely. Despite all this the government is worried about the cases of drink abuses reported amongst the minors. According to some private blogs and articles every year hundreds of minors are admitted to hospital due to heavy drinking. Authorities believe that heavy restrictions related to drinking alcohol are driving the teenagers to go wayward.  Experts believe that desensitizing alcohol will help to reduce underage drinking tendencies in teenagers. There are many organizations in Singapore like MADD, Mother Against Drink Driving, which forces the youngsters to seek parental permission before drinking. But instances have been reported when such youngsters who often seek parental permission show tendencies for heavy drinking.


Some reports suggest that binge drinking tendencies have increased among women. Frequent drinking incidents have been reported amongst women below the age of 18 and between the ages of 30-49. Also, reports suggest that due to stricter laws regarding alcohol consumption and due to various other reasons the tendencies for binge drinking has escalated amongst Singaporean population from 1992-2004.


Also, the cases of unrecorded alcohol consumption in Singapore have been traced to 1 .0 liter pure alcohol for a population above the age of 15 years since 1995.


BAC Limits
In Singapore the BAC limits are 0.08%. The drunk driving is considered a non-compoundable offense in Singapore. Also, the law applies same for everyone, no matter who you are but punishment will be the same and harsher too. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol at the first instance then you may have to cough up $5000 or languish for 6 months in prison along with the humiliation of surrendering your license.


If you are a second time offender then you might be fined upto $10,000 with the imprisonment which lasts for a year and for the same time period your license will also be revoked. Subsequently the punishments will get harsher. If you are committing the offense for the third time then there are chances that you have to cough up $30,000 and 3 years of imprisonment.  Also, the offenders involved in drunken driving accidents leading to death and serious accidents can be caned up to 6 strokes.


As said before the alcohol law in Singapore is one of the strictest in the world. So, you need to be doubly careful while handling alcohol in Singapore. 


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Alcohol Law In Singapore