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Alcohol Law In Kenya

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The new Alcohol law in Kenya was enforced in December 2010. The new law was enforced to curb the rising instances of alcohol abuses in the country. The ammended alcohol laws encase provisions regarding drinking in Kenya. Read through this blog to know the new alcohol law in Kenya.


What Was the Need for New Drinking Laws in Kenya?
Previously the drinking laws in Kenya weren’t as strict as the ones followed in recent times. The legalized drinking age is still 18 but as many of the people adhere to some sects or traditions.  These people are habitual of drinking on all special and regular occasions. This lead to more loosened laws and also increased instances of alcohol abuses.  Every year many cases of drinking deaths were reported amongst the young population who were often made to drink cheap alcohol under the garb of religion.


What are provisions made under new alcohol law in Kenya?


  • On 17th December 2010, the Kenyan Government announced through Gazette that people involved in luring minors to drink alcohol will be fined heavily. The offenders might have to part with Ksh 150,000 or languish for 12 months in prison. Also, the minors should not be admitted to the bars or restaurants selling alcohol.
  • The new alcohol law in Kenya also debars the alcohol companies from sponsoring public functions and other activities like shows that are aired on National channels.
  • In most of part of Kenya weird rituals are followed for serving alcohol during the public functions. The alcohol served to youngsters and adults are adulterated with cheap stimulants which give instant kick to the drink but at times harm the body in a very regrettable manner. According to new alcohol laws a person found of adulterating the drink might have to furnish 10 million Ksh or languish for 10 years in prison. This law has imparted huge relief for families who lose their dear ones during rituals due to consumption of kumi kumi – a very cheap ethanol –methanol based drink.
  • The cheap beer consumption is blamed for imparting a type of infertility amongst the Kenyan men. Most of the Kenyan men are addicted to cheap beer and often struggle to produce legitimate heirs. The ban on sale of such beers is perceived as a welcome sign in many Kenyan households which are dealing with the issues of strained relationships between men and women of the house. Lack of sexual relationship is termed as one of the potent issues of disharmony and regular consumption of cheap alcohol is touted as one of the reasons for the same.
  • The alcohol laws actually prohibits the bar owners and other patrons from selling the alcohol before 2.00 PM on weekends and 5.00 PM on weekdays. However, some industry experts believe that this law can hamper the tourism sector in country.


This law was welcomed by many Kenyans but most of the people involved in tourism and alcohol sectors condemned it saying that it would impact the economy very badly. According to them, the Kenyan economy thrives on tourism and this tourism is supported through liquor business.  


You need to accustom yourselves with alcohol law in Kenya before visiting the country.  


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Alcohol Law In Kenya