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Alcohol Law in Qatar

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Alcohol law in Qatar is tolerant towards alcohol consumption, and buying, but still they often exercise very strict control over the related areas.  If you plan to visit Qatar in recent times then you need to be familiar with Qatari alcohol laws. This blog will lead you to some important highlights of alcohol law in Qatar.


Legal Drinking Age
The legal drinking age in Qatar is set at 21 years.  And you may be asked to furnish the age proof ids while buying the drinks.  In some recent articles the media experts have mischievously stated that in coming years the country may raise its drinking age to 60 years and every Qatari or non-Qatari may have to furnish their CV’s and age proof ids before buying the drink.  The driving license is not accepted in most of the bars selling the drinks because the expiry dates are different than those of ID cards.


Places at Which You Can Buy Alcohol
Being a Muslim nation the sale of Alcohol is closely monitored within the country. In Qatar you can buy alcohol at high profile restaurants, and top end bars.   You can buy alcohol from licensed shop which is known as Qatar Distribution Company.  You can buy alcohol permit from the Qatar Distribution Company.  The Qatar Distribution Company also supplies the alcohol to big restaurants. While enjoying the drink at restaurant you may have to pay additional tax of 17.5% other than the prices quoted in menu.  Unlike other countries you can’t enjoy your drink at the local bars because they are not authorized to sell alcohol.


To purchase alcohol for personal consumption you will need special permit from your employer to apply for the alcohol permit from Qatar Distribution Company.  The Qatar Distribution Company offers great selection of wines from all over the world. The prices of liquor are not cheap but they are reasonable. QDC is normally closed during the month of Ramadan, so you need to buck up your stock before the holy month. The people who hold the permit usually find that their limits have surpassed in the month prior to Ramadan, and they can stockpile their alcohol supply for a month.


The alcohol law in Qatar is very strict regarding importing the alcohol. On arrival at the airport your alcohol will be confisticated but you can claim it during the exit from country.


Drink Driving Laws

The alcohol law in Qatar is stricter regarding the drink driving.  Zero tolerance is the word and if you are found with even slightest trace of alcohol in blood then you will either be: charged hefty fines, imprisoned or deported. The length of imprisonment may stretch to one-three years or they may be fined upto QR 10,000-50, 000 or both.


So, if you plan to work, live and booze in Qatari style then you ought to be very careful about your activities and adhere to the alcohol law prevalent in Qatar. 


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Alcohol Law In Qatar